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Hello everypony. I live in Long Island, New York. That's right, the east coast. On top of that, I live in the most ghetto town I would like to call, Brentwood. I am not much of a guy that socialize alot IRL. I mainly prefer to stay at my room (my forbidden lair I prefer to call it) to chill and do whatever I feel like doing. I am pretty open minded, willing to engage any activity, as long as I find it reasonable. I don't go out much, the only time I actually go and do something is when I have to go to school or when I'm hungry. I don't have many friends IRL that are actually bronies. Only 4 intotal. My favorite thing to do is go online and chat with people. I mainly like to talk about ponies or anything else I may find interesting. I do play video games alot though but due to my new found interest in ponies, that sorta got buried ;) I'm a pretty nice guy (sorry for not being modest that time), I'm not much a guy who would judge others. I love to joke around! It's hwat I am, good sir. If you find my mischief to be offensive in way, (I rarely try or intend to do so) keep in mind I don't really mean it. You can also toss the punch too. I can take a few hits. If it's something personal, that's a different story. I do however hate people that patronize, I just find it silly and pointless to be obligated to be sorry for others. Its just lame, to be honest... almost as much as recieving random friend requests. Is it really that hard to actually talk to me?

I've been aware of ponies since November '11 and at first, I thought of the idea of liking ponies was just a laugh. Now don't kill me, it was my initial thought. Haven't gave it a chance yet. I first saw them at a completely unrelated forum. After a few chats from my friends there, I finally took my time and watched a few episodes on the hub. The first episode I saw was *epic drumroll*... Fall Weather Friends. That was when I first got to know Rainbow Dash. I gotto say, I am glad that was my 1st ep. Just seeing Dash being awesome was... just epic. I'm glad I took a liking to her. She's been my favorite pony ever since. The rest of the mane 6 I do like, but not as much as RD. Okay, maybe I also like Fluttershy over her adorableness and I can relate to her, REGARDLESS over that... Rainbow Dash is without a doubt, unquestionably, positively... awesome. She is 20% cooler out of the mane 6, the fastest pegasus in EQ, performed the legendary sonic rainboom FOUR TIMES and just has swag. From December '11, I've been officially a brony ever since. I even filled my Nintendo 3DS with ponies, whether pictures, videos and music!

After a while, when my PC decided to be a dumbass and got its soundcard corrupted, I could no longer play games onine or watch Youtube with sound (My alternative is using my Wii or downloading and watching the videos on my 3DS ^^ ) Overtime, I wanted to know and see more adventures from the mane 6. That's when I discovered PonyFictionArchive.com . It probably the only time I would actually read something instead of watching videos. After exposing myself to reading, I finally gain enough inspiration to write my own fan fics. I'm still new at the entire ordeal, not an pro writer like my favorite authors. I wrote 2 fics so far (not completed though. I blame my laziness).

At one point, I felt that my need to talk about ponies wasn't quite fufilled. I live in the area where ponies aren't quite accepted so most my friends think I'm not a fan (which ain't true :P). So, one day, I made a few google searches and this site came up. That's pretty much about me. Quiet, not much a social person. Loved ponies ever since December '11. I read and write fan fics and I hope this community is fun. Thanks for taking your time to read. Truely appreciate it. If you wanna talk to me and discuss how Rainbow Dash is awesome or just wanna with RP with me, my skype is dgtakid and my MSN is dgtakid@hotmail.com (dgtakid = The Grand Theft Auto Kid. I know; I was, I mean, still a GTA fanboy. Buck you if you that's an issue >:c.... nah JK ^^) Hope we can be friends and... talk about ponies and stuff :D

Current Fanfic ideas:
Nopony's Land- WIP (Brain Storming)

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